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2. New York City

3. London

4. Rome

5. Singapore

6. Venice

7. Florence

8. Barcelona

9. Tokyo

10. Hong Kong


Gold List Panel Pick

New York City

“Forever buzzing, vibrant city that never sleeps. Each time you return there is something new to explore.” – Yvonne Verstandig, Executive Edge Travel

Editor’s Pick

Mexico City

A less obvious choice but one that you should add to your bucket list as the up and coming luxury hotspot.

3 comments on “2017 Best City

  1. ROSLYN ARNOLD says:

    I love Paris and the Parisians. I love just wondering the streets finding markets and watching people over a cup of coffee. There are so many art galleries and our last stay two years ago in Le Marais Arrondisement for six weeks was just wonderful.

  2. Bassilios Morcos says:

    I love Paris ,

  3. Ros says:

    To me Paris is a Romantic city full of excitement.

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