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The prize winners are

Three-nights at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat:

Theme Rains, Bondi, NSW

           Seven-night Sanctuary Cruise on Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River:

Chris McDiven Double Bay, NSW 

3 Nights at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

7 Nights Sanctuary Cruise on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar


60 comments on “Luxury Travel’s Gold List 2018 – Winners & Finalists

  1. Mary O’Dwyer says:

    I hope I win

    1. Rachel says:

      me too

  2. Tom Hidell says:

    Outstanding property in all regards

  3. Alan Mackinnon says:

    My wife and I visited Australia at the end of 2017. A visit from Scotland, our lifetime ambition. The Langham in Melbourne was just the most amazing place to begin our adventure.

    1. Elisabeth Gunness says:

      To Alan Mckinnon we love the Langham to, we are made to feel so special 2 old ladies ,maybe not so old at 76 ,we went to school together and have had some great experiences together.Do you have any great hotels in Scotland you can recommend .?

  4. Margaret Clark says:

    The Langham made me feel special

  5. Amanda Magnolia says:

    I love the Langham hotel as it holds very speciL memories for me. I would love to have the opportunity to go away soon and have some time out to recharge 😊.

  6. Julie porter says:

    I truly hope Gwinganna wins as it certainly deserves it, it is the best!!

  7. Annabelle O'Neil says:

    I hope Gwinganna wins!

  8. Ellen says:

    The Langham hotel is where I shared my first anniversary with my partner. The Langham staff made a strong effort to ensure the night went perfectly and for that I thank them. Looking forward to our next visit.

  9. Dedee Murrell says:

    Turkey is the world’s biggest open air museum

    1. Jaki van Honste says:

      Turkey, yes, Dedee, having travelled around the world for many decades, much to my unexpected surprise, discovered Turkey to be the most fascinating, riviting and astonishing country to top the list.. I was amazed at the richness of history,the ancient world, the super people, everything.

  10. Adele says:

    I hope Larmont wins

  11. Louise Cahir says:

    Great survey. Thanks for listening!

  12. Jo says:

    Good luck Amatara Wellness Resort. You deserve to win!

  13. Jeanine Munro says:

    Good luck, Namale Resort & Spa. I hope you win!

  14. Monique Aydin says:

    Ayana resort Bali …spectacular

  15. Robert Petterson says:

    Pro ant is our extended family.We feel welcome every time we get on board!

  16. Deanna Muzik says:


  17. Rob Dros says:

    I hope Ponant wins

  18. Kim Hamilton says:

    The prize is an excellent chance to travel to a destination I have always wanted to visit

  19. John Lombard says:

    Ponant is perfect!

  20. azr8rsfan says:

    Namale in Fiji has it going on!

  21. Mike Blewitt says:

    Good luck Ponant, cannot wait for next trip.

  22. Jennifer Nicholson says:

    Ponant good luck.

  23. Garry says:

    oooohh sounds good

  24. Tammy weber says:

    Good luck!

  25. Geoff Hinds says:

    Insight have always exceeded our expectations

  26. Catherine Donlan says:

    on all our trips , I think our Insight Vacation guides have just been amazing ! Sincerely hope you win Insight !

  27. Jo-Anne Guthrie says:

    I love Insight Vacations they have always given us a fantastic holiday

  28. Geoff SCOTT says:

    maintain your standards and you keep us as clients

  29. SHERYLE BOYD says:

    The Anam in Nha Trang Vietnam. Absolutely beautiful!! Way above our expectations. 5 star luxury resort.

  30. Ann James says:

    We loved the Amam resort stay which was excellent . Service , staff, the accommodation the location food ( breakfast was wonderful) nothing to fault and the massage at the end of the day!! And this was the Luxury escape arrangment who followed up on queries.

  31. lara hassani says:

    If you even visit Vietnam you need to check out The Anam in Nha Trang, the service has exceeded our expectations, the resort is beautiful best time to go between June to August, we have been back twice and planning to go again next year

  32. Bohn Dominique says:

    This is the most amazing place we have ever been with our two kids.
    We enjoyed this home (it is not just a hotel!) as much as our own home.
    Each of our two bungalows had a privat pool and our kids (teenagers) will never forget this unique experience of biking through the Mekong Delta with us on MTBs and rest at the Fusion Maia in Da Nang for another spectacular time Vietman!
    Go there and you will understand.

  33. Erica Lizzo says:

    Looking forward to our 5th trip next month with insight

  34. Margaret rees-gow says:

    Kate and Tamara MTA are the best in mobile travel agencies !!!

  35. Jodi says:

    MTA Australia for best luxury travel agents. Kate and Tamara can organise anything, anytime and always with excellent results

  36. John Kennedy says:

    to Alla and team always The Lake House

  37. JOHN EASTWOOD says:


  38. Cara Love says:

    loved every minute of our stay at the Lakehouse, food especially.

  39. Thien Tran says:

    I would love to win this

  40. Devin Hunt says:


  41. NANNETTE N KELLY says:

    Food, travel…. heaven….that’s life…make it happen.

  42. Diana Bonazza says:

    After being a sole carer for my 2 elderly parents, having recently passed, having a luxury holiday opportunity would be soooo wonderful!!

  43. Tracey chesterman says:

    Would love the opportunity for more adventure

  44. Jaki van Honste says:

    one can dream

  45. Karina Hogan says:

    Bench Africa for the amazing safari experience

  46. Kerin galbally says:

    Loved our Bench Africa experience.. Everest Mboya was our spectacular guide.

  47. C Ryan says:

    Trip of a life time

  48. Gayle Edwards says:

    I would live to win

  49. Gayle Edwards says:

    I would love to win.

    1. NCulver says:

      Would love an adventure with luxury! My two favorite things!

  50. Nadine Gaughan says:

    Would love to change my dream into a reality!

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